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Adolescence is perhaps the most crucial and important time in a person’s life. This is the period when our beliefs, morals, and most importantly, our attitudes towards ourselves develop. Abuse and trauma can significantly impact a child’s inner workings in truly devastating ways, and these effects often persist long into adulthood. If your child has suffered severe distress, contact Integrated Behavioral Health and consult with a child psychiatrist in Huntsville, AL immediately. No child should be denied psychiatric help.

Many children who have experienced trauma will not explicitly communicate their feelings because they may not be fully cognizant of the gravity of their situations. In these instances, it is imperative for a professional to observe the behavioral issues a child is presenting. Whether the behaviors are consistent with specific biological disorders (such as ADHD) or indicative of emotional distress, our doctors are adequately equipped to diagnose your child’s symptoms and provide the necessary treatments.

Our psychiatric and therapy services specialize in treating teenagers who suffer from conditions such as depression and severe anxiety. These mood disorders may be triggered by a specific external occurrence but may originate from serotonin deficiencies in the brain. Consequently, your teen’s mental health issues may be addressed with a strict regimen of anti-depressants and therapy sessions with our doctors. Please respect that whatever your child discusses in session is confidential and crucial to establishing trust.

Visit Integrated Behavioral Health and one of our doctors will meet with you and your child to discuss possible treatment plans.

Help your youngster learn healthy ways for dealing with negative feelings.

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